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Chanel watch avant-garde fashion flawless perfection

Chanel never play by the rules, you can even watch innovation, play new tricks. More common is to take the watch hands or neck. But this season may be a ring style watch, leather gloves may also be, in short, only you think, no Karl Lagerfeld could not design things.


J12 watch What are the characteristics?

J12 watch in order to then “12 metric sailing” in tribute to the America’s Cup scene, it is like family, Chanel 2.55 bag and NO.5 perfume classic.


Classic white ceramic


In the J12 series, the most classic white ceramic watch, because it uses Ms. Coco · Chanel favorite color, it will see reminiscent of camellias.

Tech precision ceramic technology


Simply put, the ceramic material is placed over 1,000 degrees Celsius temperature in the firing furnace and then formed into ceramic links is part of the strap, and then machine polished many times, so that you can gloss ceramics exhibit, which is tech precision ceramic.

Chanel Watches


Fashionable “accessories”

From now on birth, always take the “unisex” sporty watch the route, along with the importance of dress watches, J12 has gradually become a people’s wrist, “accessories”, as there is both a fashionable watch “bracelet” in general.

Young people also wear a watch? Of course, such J12XS watch

A more avant-garde than the previous design of the watch!

Bracelet watch


It can be a bracelet, like this:

J12XS finally achieved when women want to watch bracelet desire. But more interesting is that bracelet edge of a “trim” design, which is inspired by details from the Chanel jacket edges.

Handcuff bracelet watch


Left handcuff bracelet watch, combining design can be worn as bracelets. Right picture wind leather bracelet, you can watch, bracelet worn separately or in combination.

Lesage embroidery wrist


There are stunning Lesage embroidery wrist. This time in J12XS production, Chanel also applied to one of the advanced workshop Lasage embroidery workshop.



Or a more exaggerated bracelet, like the “game” of a wrist.

Exaggeration watch


The same kind of extremely shocked, maybe you did not think it turned out to watch.

Ring watches


It can also be a ring, like this:

In addition when the bracelets, it can also be a ring table. This design is absolutely unprecedented bold, between the fingers with perfect accessories, only this one oh.

Gloves watch


 It can even gloves:

The most interesting is decorated J12XS on leather gloves, so watch has become a fashion trend accessories. Both gloves is watch, but can also be worn separately or a combination of them.

Karl Lagerfeld


Leather gloves and inspiration come from? There is no doubt, of course, Karl Lagerfeld.

Is not refreshed again for Chanel impression, small tables for ring style was most impressed, every minute has a kind of large organs in the ring, that is, as the flu. In short, the style is very avant-garde, very different very Chanel!

The Custom Watch of High Fashion Clothing Imprint

Fashion brands involved in the field of watchmaking is not a news, they are not casually involved in it, but based on the top watch standard as a benchmark, try their best and make some achievements in the watch market. Although they are young, but the forces heading to professional watchmaking field should not be overlooked. Chanel watches retain the brand’s DNA, at the same time cooperate with professional tabulation factory, absorb advanced tabulation technology, both welly equipped insides and outsides.

Chanel Custom Watch

As Chanel’s first watch, it is self-evident of Première’s classic statue, but also relatively more equipped with a sense of history. It is a tribute to Chanel’s chief tailors “Premiere” for the watch name. The first gold chain table was Coco invited to design for the actress Greta Garbo. Today, the Premiere series watch are also increasingly rich in styles. In 2012, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Chanel first watch series “premiere”, Chanel launched the first complex functions mechanical female watch, which equipped with floating type Tourbillon movement. This is aChanel camellia watch replica that carved into a camellia flower pattern Coco Chanel loved, float type flywheel rotation turn around in per minute, petals show the per second of passing. Each watch spent a total of 23 hours of jewelry, assembling time more than 100 hours.

Chanel J12 watch has become a symbol of Chanel watchmaking, which like the position of N degree 5 in perfume kingdom. Chanel was inspired from a ship j12 that gathered numerous glory in the international regatta sailing from a ship in the history, reproduced the year “12-meter class” in the America’s Cup infinite scene with full of superiority of modeling and advanced high-tech precision ceramic material. In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chanel j12 watch series, particularly introduced pure white Phantom version, and the first equipped with the new style phase.

Cheap Chanel Boy Friend Series Watch Recommended

Recently, Chanel launched the new Chanel ladies watch Boy Friend series in Shanghai, activities at the scene based the intimacy of Boy Friend as the theme and started from a dairy, expressing the woman’s love desire about looking forward to often accompanied by boyfriend, while this new watch is starting from this season’s most popular “Boy Friend” style, creates a new trend of watch coexisting elegance and chicness.


This handsome and charming watch series is designed and created for women. It owns the brand identified octagonal dial, concise and elegant lines, ideally embodies the logo design vocabulary of Chanel tabulation. The Boy Friend series Chanel watch replica combines modern and classic, each edge is polished or dealt with satin, presents the perfect by the pureness. Coco Chanel was good at using male’s wardrobe elements as the design inspirations, this watch series also reflects the masculine and feminine flavor at the same time, whether it is jeans and white shirt or Chanel jacket, all brings out the best to each other, fit each other harmoniously.

The octagonal shaped dial originates from iconic Première watch, while responding to the legendary classic Chanel perfume bottle shape and Paris Fang Deng square contour. This watch is not only concise and elegant lines, also perfectly reflects the Chanel tab iconic design vocabulary. Design integrated modern and classic, perfectly show the modern and new Chanel watch’s temperament. Coco Chanel cleverly integrated the male clothing elements into the Boy Friend series watch. There is no doubt that the unique and creative name is the subversion of the criteria of classic female watch design. This watch embodies the perfect balance of approximate proportion, enchanting charm and exquisite details.

Ruby Lin’s Perfect Reducing Age Weapon

Recently, Ruby Lin has potted a set of beautiful photos and wrote: “Cute”, and made out all sultry pose, showing her lovely bag. The greatest pleasure of her life is potting some beautiful bags, shoes and jewelry, and each kind of single product let you gifted with photographic memory, comparable to the recent popular fashion bloggers. Our goddess Ruby Lin’s self photos not only cannot be seen from the ages, when we looking back at the drama which she had starred, you will find our goddess never grow old! Of course in addition to keep maintenance, in the usual, ruby likes some fashionable and lovely single items to point for her own, following Chanel outlet bags are the perfect reducing age artifacts of Ruby Lin.


In fact, compared to the actor, Ruby Lin is more suitable for fashion bloggers, because she always show off bags, shoes, accessories in her own micro-blog in spare time. I am sure you are not unfamiliar with this Chanel Vintage backpack, the classic black and rhombus patterns, coupled with the plush ball ornament, the chic feeling is overwhelmed. Yang Mi, Tangyan and other stars also love to use this lovely and compact backpack to reduce their ages, regardless of matching white shirts or pleated skirt, or a handsome black look, the Chanel backpack modeling is as youthful as the young girls.

The impression of Most people on Chanel is luxurious, elegant, it seems that only Carina Lau that kind of female aura is matched with Chanel, but Ruby Lin interpreted the self style through this Chanel bucket bag, using blue and pink two colors, matching simple jeans and a pink sweater, carrying with a Chanel denim style bucket bag, Roger Vivier block flats, created a free and easy feeling by applying the simple color wear, which is full of leisure style, she is like a neighbour young girl who is enjoying the bright afternoon time.

2016 Chanel Brand New Lady Watches

In 2000 year, J12 watch of Chanel firstly and boldly used high-technology precision ceramic, since then, the high-tech precision ceramic become a precious tab material. The first J12 Chanel watch gorgeously showed up in black D-Will, in 2003, Chanel launched the pure and flawless white watch. “12″ soon become one of Chanel lucky numbers. In 2011, Chanel adhering to the consistently bold and innovative spirit, launched J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic watch, of which the strap pans out special luster of changes. J12 watch came after 15 years today, Chanel new watch constantly creates: Matt design, limited edition, even unique global collection of watches, as a nod to the classic watch.

Chanel new lady watch

In 2016, Chanel recently launched a Chanel bracelet watch, the number displayed by digital is like a phantom. The J12-G.10 watch means to have a military code name, was derived from the legendary uniform watchband order number. The every move between the wrist makes the mirror effect of the dial more gorgeous. This series limited edition released 1200 pieces white high-tech precision ceramic Chanel new watch, stainless steel case matches white paint, collocating mirror dial, and sapphire mirror match white digital dial pointer, equipped with screwing and folding crown, stainless steel clasp, automatic winding mechanical movement, as well as 42 hours storage, which is provided with 33 mm high precision quartz movement styles to choose. Other style of Chanel replica new limited edition white high-tech precision ceramic collocates a stainless steel case, its dial is accompanied by 8 pieces of diamonds and pink color, dial attached 12 pink glow indicator, assembled with a rotary table crown and a triple folding stainless steel buckle as well as automatic mechanical chain machines core, is issued with pure white type at the same day . The new Chanel watch adopted by military NATO watch strap design, integrated protection design essence, brings new variations for women watch.

Haute Couture Fashion Week is “wealth”? Most Rich People Favor Chanel Bag

Without exception, all women are irresistible for the bags, otherwise, how can “bag” cure all diseases this sentence applicable in every country woman? In the high street runway pictures, the dress of women is necessary to be gorgeous. At the same time, a refined flattering bag is also the finishing touch of their whole body look. Then take in high street this year’s show, which brand of bags favored mostly by ladies? Let’s look at it!


In strong “harem group” of Chanel bags. This vintage Chanel chain bag always equip with its unique taste — young enough, the consumption people is basically between 20-30 year old, but also the bag can be pushed out to “counterbalance” Dior bags. Diorama though used with a lozenge pattern as a classical pattern, but it is the most popular “chain” characteristics breaking a piece of heaven by now.

In addition to Dior, Chanel has been favored by the socialite ladies. Although the Chanel high-grade customized show hasn’t started yet, but fashion people out of show are could not help to show out the most popular chain bag- 2.55 Chanel bag.

Of course, no matter how popular is Chanel boy, it can not classic as “long history” Chanel CF. In the now used vintage shop, Chanel vintage is undoubtedly the most stylish and classic styles, even a hard to find good fineness Chanel CF can be sold at the prices of above ten thousands, this is the price that sufficient to buy the a Chanel WOC, still let people snap up. So, you can imagine, a Chanel CF worth to buy, and it is really not easy to out of fashion, moreover, there is a certain value!

Elegant and Beautiful Bags Can Not Be Missed

New year, beauty wants to buy a new and exquisite handbag to bonus for new look! Now, let writer recommend several major brand new bags for you, whether you love printing, lace, tassels and other elements of fashion, or prefer handbags, clutch bags and other chain bucket bag type, you can find your beautiful Chanel handbags replica suitable for you.


To be a delicate and exquisite woman is the most beautiful, then you should have a bag match the same pursuit of delicate style with you, the chain bags. The bag represents the image and the character of a woman, the thin chain exudes the elegant charm, it also does not need to be too big, small size just can match the exquisite characteristic of woman. A chain bag is also sufficient to show all you want, modern, playful, elegant, calm.

Still the classic Chanel chain bag design, but Karl Lagerfeld always get a way to make Chanel every season’s handbags are very popular. Noble modern deep blue with a full personality of the square design, particularly suitable for the party or the Spring Festival and the appointments with your friends, so that you have a unique temperament and not too much publicity in party.

Splicing, color block, large area of bright color are the key words in early spring series, the green fringed bucket bag everywhere is bright, carrying this bag with super green in the early spring street is absolutely eye-catching,while the design of bucket bag and tassel is also very personality, full of new ideas, return rate is 100% if we carrying it out to the streets. This style can be said unique, full of fun! Thanks to the whimsy of designers, which brings us a festival atmosphere of red color. For walking in the forefront of the fashion you, how can you not take this bag in bonus for your new year look!

The Best CHANEL Handbag as a Christmas Gift

Golden bag equipped with strass and CC look
cheap Chanel has launched a series of colorful winter accessories for Christmas holiday. Dramatic handbag series complete the new interpretation based on the classic Chanel design, the black satin, twill tweed or bright colors, distribute seductive charm. Choose a Chanel symbolic handbag the ideal accessories to create a perfect style. The multiple color tweed handbag decorated with a group of fantasy creatures ornaments, bring out fresh flavor. Chanel boutique made of red patent leather, which embellished a golden inlaid Rhinestone, in addition,the modern elegant texture exudes cheerful atmosphere.

Red patent leather Mademoiselle bag


The Chanel wallet series designed by Carle Lagerfeld reflects the innovation that transcends time, exudes irresistible charm. Wallet produced by rare leather, unique handmade and shine dazzling color cuddly, reflecting Chanel the unique adhering artistic aesthetics since born on Kang Peng street. From the patent to rare leather, from the soft pink to eye-catching enthusiastic red, from delicate Camellia flower floating decorative motifs to classic plaids pattern, the wallet series is full of infinite variety of fun and surprises.

In addition, Chanel Christmas holiday special series includes a beautifully printed silk scarf, blue green feather decoration twill tweed Camellia brooch, white satin eyepatch, each type is very thoughtful gift. Gorgeous costume jewelry is also not to be missed, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings and earrings bring out luxury fairy tale feelings, pearl luster, black, white, light green or light purple pearls are flashing gentle and romantic gloss. The workmanship Rhine decorative stone gold earrings is very exquisite, filled with light and luxurious breath.

Chanel Launches the Newest Girl Bag

Breaking stereotypes, using the bold whims of humor sense to subvert and transform into daily use of clothing and accessories, has been the consistent characteristics of Karl. In chanel boutique 2015 spring/summer senior clothing series as well as the 2015 “Paris – Salzburg” senior manual workshop series, Karl launched original works once again , that is Girl handbag.U298P1TS1435563987_51709
The details of the classic jacket appears in a new way: sleeves, cuffs, plaited braids, collar, buttons and pockets are readily available in varieties. No matter the smooth lamb leather or grids pattern lamb leather, tweed or Rawdon nylon, felt material or small horse, two color or collage two tweed, Girl series carrying the Karl’s design idea and practical spirit. “Like a classic suit, we can wear it according to our own ideas: ties it to the waist, or around the collar, or behind the back, carries it as our want” Karl explained. Girl handbag replica chanel handbags provides ever-changing ways of carrying handbag, so that every woman is free, also meet the different needs and expectations of urban office workers.


Girl handbags upholds Chanel more perfect tradition and integrate two complementary expertise: delicate and upscale clothing and leather goods production. This handbag found inspiration from the classic Chanel jacket, buttonhole positioning (many of whom from Desrues masterpiece of button workshop ), buttons hole hammer, knotted braids, pocket position and the collar and cuffs suture, all uses the same production process. Even the suture process is the same as Chanel classic coat: from the inside to out. Many details have created a unique handbag, so that Girl handbags become veritable luxury accessories.

Breathtaking, Durable Chanel Replica Handbags

In terms of the reason why Chanel replica handbags are so popular, many think it is because its exquisite design and good quality while some others think it is because of the brand effects. As for me, I think both of the views are the elements of Chanel replica handbags’ success. Specifically, Chanel replica handbags tightly catch the hearts of its customers by meeting their expectations for handbags. In another word, Chanel replica handbags are designed based on the expectation of bag-buyers, similar to the Apple products designed on the needs of computer-users. How can we know that? Let’s see how a Chanel replica handbag distinguishes itself from others.


Basically, the Chanel handbags knock off are in fashionable design. Without doubt, it is our nature to love beautiful things and people, let alone the handbags that we will take out with every day. The designers of Chanel handbags have rolled the classic element and royal element into one, which can be seen in the logo in handbags and the materials used, showing a unique sense of fashion.


Apart from the fashionable design, the Chanel replica handbags are also featured in the reasonable price and good quality. The cheap Chanel handbags look the same as the real ones, even if the fashionista feels difficult to recognize them. Facing a durable, awesome Chanel handbag replica of high price ratio, every woman will develop the desire to buy one, and you?


Maybe you can go to a coffee bar with the Chanel replica handbag, enjoying the soothing music with it. If you are a sociable person, feeling refreshed and invigorated when seeing a handsome boy, the Chanel handbag knock off can set off your urbane temperament and your rosy cheeks, accompany with you in the romantic evening.

Cheap Chanel handbags, in our minds, has been a senior, elegance, quality, mature synonymous. There is a variety of popular cheap chanel bags styles on the market now. Most are mature, dignified temperament superior style, covering more high-end women's fashion life.